LTWP has 365 wind turbines – each with a capacity of 850kW. Enough to supply 17% of the country’s installed capacity.

Situated in Marsabit County, Kenya

The Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) Project

is a wind farm that supplies renewable energy to Kenya’s national grid. The project is committed to the sustainable application of all resources to the benefit of the environment.

We harnessthe incredible power of wind to generate electricity

Wind power offers a cleaner energy source compared to methods that require burning coal or fossil fuels, as it has no carbon emissions. As a result, wind turbines can produce substantial power; while simultaneously contributing to climate change mitigation and providing access to affordable energy for accelerated economic development.

Since inception, LTWP has focused on improving local livelihoods. Therefore, LTWP established Winds of Change (WoC) as an ongoing commitment to local communities. WoC undertakes sustainable community development projects across Laisamis Constituency (Marsabit County), where the wind farm is located.

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Latest news

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