LTWP Community Liaison team participates in a three – day training on Peace, Conflict Management and Reconciliation

Our team of Community Liaison Officers and Advisors participated in a training on Peace, Conflict Management and Reconciliation from the 3rd to the 7th of May 2021 conducted by The Kenya Institute of Social Work and Development.

This was a very good avenue where LTWP shows by example what should be done now and in future to enhance and encourage others to strengthen their will and endeavors to live together in harmony.

It is our hope that this training will provoke a new way of thinking and actions aimed at improving peacebuilding and conflict management within our area of operation. We are very proud of the creative ideas and strategies of our CLO team and their commitment to doing what is necessary to improve peacebuilding and conflict management. The CLOs put immense effort and dedication to this training, and it was a unique experience having been the first of its kind in the organization.

By fostering peace, we demonstrate positive change in and around the windfarm and we are hopeful that this exercise will bear many more fruits. We encourage views and input from our CLOs and CAs who represent LTWP within our area of influence and are impressed by what the team is doing in areas where tension exist in preventing any crisis, resolving conflicts and developing strategies for a more peaceful County.

Their objectives are always to mitigate the potential for conflict, enable conflicting parties to interact with one another peacefully and to reduce the likelihood of violent conflicts being rekindled through dialogue. It is therefore important that such dialogue be held in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other’s opinion, a feat that sometimes proves to be very difficult, but our able CLOs have come out victorious in such instances.

We congratulate the team for successfully completing the training and are sure that they will continue to make positive contribution, no matter how small, towards enabling the understanding that peace is the main cornerstone of development and growth in every community. Individuals may have varied perceptions, beliefs and values but peace, however, unites all humankind.