Head of the EIB Regional Representation for East Africa visits LTWP offices in Karen – Shared her leadership journey with the LTWP Ladies.


After 6 years spent in Kenya as the Head of the EIB Regional Representation for East Africa, Catherine Collin’s posting came to an end on 30 June 2021 but before her exit, Catherine was gracious enough to accept our invitation to a Women Empowerment talk with LTWP female colleagues on 22 June 2021.

Catherine has experience of over 30 years in the financial sector acquired in commercial banks both in Europe and South Africa.

In her talks, she emphasized on the need for women to recognize, articulate, and act on their greatest strengths and address the barriers that undermine their efforts to build rewarding and sustainable careers. Women have become far more confident about what they bring to the table and have learnt through experience the value of female solidarity and support. As growing confidence based on demonstrated competence has increased women’s determination to reach their full potential, so has greater solidarity among them. “In my experience, this is one of the most dramatic shifts that has taken place over the past 30 years”. Catherine explained.

Further, the team discussed on how today women initiatives often play an integral role in a company’s talent strategy. Well-led global organizations now seek leaders who combine decisiveness with the ability to cultivate relationships broadly, motivate and inspire, collaborate and listen, communicate across all levels, and nurture others while excelling at their own jobs. Moreover, research has also shown that diverse teams make smarter decisions and are more effective.

Our take home for the day was that women who aspire to leadership also need to support other women to distinguish themselves and enhance their visibility, reputation, and networks. The upshot is that women have become openly and enthusiastically helpful to one another and are often highly invested in promoting one another’s careers hence encouraging workplace diversity.