Lake Turkana Wind Power Connected to the National Grid

Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) has been generating and supplying electricity in to the Kenyan national grid since September 2018, when construction of the 436km Loiyangalani – Suswa transmission line was completed by KETRACO. As of 1 December 2018, LTWP had generated 203,224,445 kwh of electricity.
The various elements that make up the Project have all been completed, namely:

• Construction of 365 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), with a capacity of 850kW each, for a total project installed capacity of 310 MW connected via a 33kV collection grid to the substation;
• Installation of 365 Step-up Transformers 0.69/33 kV per Unit;
• Construction of a sectionalized 33kV Substation, Step-up Power Transformers 33/220(400) kV;
• Installation of three Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Systems (Statcoms);
• Installation of a SCADA System;
• Construction of the LTWP Accommodation Village, which houses 148 people;
• Construction and maintenance of 130km of internal access roads; and,
• Upgrading of 208km road from Laisamis to Sarima.

The successful completion of this project showcases Kenya as a safe and reliable investment destination that embraces large-scale private sector infrastructure investment and demonstrates a strong ability to implement successful public-private partnerships.

LTWP, together with its Shareholders and Lenders, thanks the Government of Kenya, KPLC, KETRACO, it’s contractors, the local communities and all its employees for their dedication and close collaboration, which combined has made our dream a reality.

Connecting to the National Grid

Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) is delighted to announce that it has been notified by Kenya Power (KPLC) that KETRACO has informed KPLC that testing on one-circuit of the 428KM Loiyangalani – Suswa 220/400Kv transmission line and 400/33Kv sub-station will be completed this week. Accordingly, LTWP will commence the plant operation tests and commissioning of the wind-farm and begin to generate electricity for supply into the national grid in the coming days. We look forward to the imminent completion also of the second-circuit of the transmission line.

This is a huge milestone in the lifespan of a ground-breaking and transformational project that is hoped will inspire other African countries to follow suit and lead the continent towards a greener and more sustainable future. Via the use of innovative technology that harnesses energy from the wind, LTWP will provide a low-cost, reliable and clean source of electricity that can light up one million households across the country.

And by selling this renewable energy at a much cheaper rate to KPLC this project will contribute towards lowering the cost of electricity to Kenyans, will save the Government close to € 170 Million yearly (KES 20 billion) on fuel imports by displacing power from HFO and diesel generated thermal plants, and, finally, will provide Kenyan businesses with the power to grow and be competitive in the global arena.

LTWP is Kenya’s largest private sector investment to-date and one of the most complex energy financing projects undertaken in sub-Saharan Africa. LTWP is proud to showcase this project whose success could not have been achieved without the solid partnership and support of the Government of Kenya, KPLC, KETRACO, the ERC, the communities of Marsabit County, our financiers and local and international contractors.

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