Celebrating Charity

On Wednesday 5th September, the world will celebrate International Day of Charity – a day to shine a deserved spotlight on charitable organisations from all over the globe. It was in 2012 that the United Nations decided to nominate this day to honour the incredible work that these organisations do. The 5th of September was picked due to it being the anniversary of Mother Theresa’s death, a person who had devoted her entire life to philanthropy. And whilst this may be yet another entry on the global calendar that is increasingly being populated with specific days to commemorate all sorts of events and activities (there is Wildlife Day, Read a Book Day and even Strange Music Day!), we believe this particular annual celebration is one of the most important.

Every year, charities help to save and improve lives, fight diseases, protect children, and give hope to millions of people. The determined humanitarian work is ongoing and often gruelling in hard-to-reach areas. Spending a day congratulating those that truly make a difference to the world is the very least we can do and, in this spirit, we’d like to say “Asanteni” (thank you) to all our members of staff at our Winds of Change (WoC) Foundation.

Since its inception, Lake Turkana Wind Power has placed community support at the heart of the project. As part of our commitment, we established WoC and promised to dedicate a portion of our revenues to activities that would improve local livelihoods in the area. Working in partnership with county governments, local leaders and NGOs, our staff work hard to provide a sustainable impact by enhancing employability and improving general access to health and education services as well as clean water.

Dominic Kurewa Dabalen is from Korr, in northern Kenya, and is a WoC Field Program Officer. In his own words:

“My main role is community engagement and interaction, to better understand community needs. I work closely with these communities to identify potential development projects and then act as their main contact person while projects are being implemented.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to work for an organisation that is helping to improve the livelihoods of people in the constituency that I am from and grew up in. Having grown up in the area, I fully appreciate the importance of having to improve access to education, health and water facilities.”

For more information about the LTWP foundation, please visit the dedicated page: https://ltwp.co.ke/winds-of-change/.