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Wind Farm with Social Footprints

Insights in to the social footprints of the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project.

If you would like the Winds of Change Foundation to consider funding your project, you are welcome to submit a funding request. Please note that the only way we receive unsolicited funding requests is through emails sent to or by post using the postal address at the bottom of this page.

Funding requests must clearly fit within the Foundation’s funding strategy. The Foundation works to achieve its goal of partnering in the development of its neighbouring communities in the Laisamis constituency.

We fund work around three core issue areas.

  • Enhancing employability through primary/ secondary education support and vocational training support;
  • Access to health services by supporting health education and facilities; and,
  • Providing water, specifically for the health and employability initiatives to enable them to provide a sustainable impact and improve livelihoods. In the medium term this focus will shift to emphasize livelihoods activities.

The following Core Principles guide the Winds of Change Foundation’s investment approach:

  • Projects to be distributed across the Laisamis constituency area;
  • Projects to seek to balance the needs of the respective communities in Laisamis constituency area;
  • Projects selected will be from the target thematic areas – education, health and water. Exceptions may be made for discretionary spend;
  • Where organisations are supported, these must be a legal entity and preferably a not-for-profit;
  • Organisations / projects supported should not be a religious organisation or for a religious purpose; and,
  • Organisations / projects supported should not be for a political organisation or for a political purpose.

Please also note that the Foundation does not give or lend money for personal aid to individuals (cash grants) or fund Private Foundations.

When evaluating your proposal, over and above using the principles guiding our investment approach, we will want to verify;

  • How your project fits within one of the Foundation’s thematic areas;
  • If your work covers one or more geographical locations within Laisamis Constituency; and,
  • If your work enables the Foundation to sufficiently balance the needs of the respective communities in Laisamis constituency.

If you feel your work relates to our funding strategy and you have met the criteria described above, please submit your inquiry via email to

In your enquiry, please ensure to explain how your community / organisation will contribute to the proposed project. This is an important component of your inquiry and will be considered during evaluation of your proposal.

The submission of a proposal that meets the above criteria does not imply automatic funding. Funding decisions are made at the discretion of the Foundation.

We will follow up with you if we have any additional questions or feel there is a possible fit between our work and yours.



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