LTWP/WoC hand over dormitory to Nyiro Boys Secondary School

LTWP/WoC have officially handed over an 80-pax dormitory to Nyiro Boys Secondary School, located in South Horr.

The school has a total of 400 students. The dormitory has a capacity of 80 double decker beds, and will be instrumental in accommodating students who travel long distances to and from school.

The dormitory was built by LTWP’s Corporate Foundation –  “Winds of Change.”

Speaking at the handover ceremony, the Winds of Change Chairman Willem Dolleman noted that education was a sure driver of sustainable development in the Kenyan economy.

“Education is key to building our economy. The new dormitory, which will allow students to save time spent in travel and hence study more, is a small but critical step in improving our economy,” he said.

Past initiatives under the Winds of Change partnership include the handover of a refurbished dispensary to the area’s Buraramia community in 2016. The refurbishment of the dispensary included the installation of a solar power system, a refrigerator for vaccines, renovation of medicine stores, provision of equipment for the wards and the installation of an additional water storage system.

“The project team is aware of the sometimes difficult conditions that the community in the area faces. We are therefore committed to uplifting the living standards of the people. This will be achieved through continued support of education, water and health within the immediate community.

When operating at full capacity, LTWP is expected to add 310 megawatts of clean energy into Kenya’s grid – enough to power more than two million households.

Currently, all  365 turbines have been hoisted at the wind farm in Sarima, Loiyangalani Division, Marsabit County.

LTWP is on course and is expected to complete the installation and commissioning process of the full wind farm by June 2017.