LTWP/WoC hand over community projects to Girls Secondary Schools

LTWP and Winds of Change officially handed over a laboratory to Nyiro Girls Secondary School located in Kurungu, on the 10th of October, as well as a 60,000L water storage facility and solar system to Mount Kulal Girls Secondary School, on the 11th of October.

The laboratory at Nyiro Girls’ will greatly assist the students to carry out the required science experiments and gain the knowledge needed to undertake their national exams. This is expected to help improve the academic results that are attained by the students as they are now able to undertake physical demonstrations of exercises and experiments.

The laboratory was funded by LTWP’s Winds of Change Foundation, in partnership with Siemens. Representatives of both companies officially opened the laboratory at the hand over event, and also planted a tree in honor of the opening. The event was made colorful by the singing and dancing of the students and local community members.

Prior to construction of this laboratory, one of the two dormitories had been converted in to a make-shift laboratory. The affected dormitory can now be used as a dormitory again, meaning that the resident girls now have more personal space.

Speaking at the ceremony, LTWP’s General Manager Mr. Phylip Leferink stated that “Girls Education is extremely important, the new laboratory allows the girls to have the tools and equipment they need to study to the desired level in order to be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to complete their exams”.

Cutting of ribbon by Siemens’ representative

Elders blessing the interior of the laboratory by pouring goat milk on the floor


Nyiro Girls’ students welcoming guests

Appreciation dance by Nyiro Girls’ students

The facilities that were officially handed over to Mount Kulal Girls Secondary School, i.e. a 60,000L water storage facility and solar system, were funded by Winds of Change in partnership with Vestas. The solar system provides electricity to three classrooms, two dormitories, the kitchen, a store room, pit latrines and to the security lights. Importantly, provision of power means that students are able to study after the sun sets, thereby able to prepare themselves better for their classes and examinations. Feeling of safety has also increased, as the lights have increased the sense of security at the facility giving a safer conducive environment for the students.

The water storage tanks at Mount Kulal Girls’ are able to store water harvested by the rain, through a gutter system that was also installed as part of the project. This means that the school is able to collect rain water and to store it for future usage, leading to water being available for daily activities linked to sanitation and cooking.

Supporting girls’ education is important as it gives girls the opportunity to learn, which provides a foundation for a healthier and better life. This message was emphasized by the Samburu County Women Representative Mrs. Maison Leshoomo, who was present at the hand over event at Nyiro Girls’.

Going forward, LTWP and Winds of Change will continue to support girls’ education in the region.

Kulal Girls students welcoming guests

Appreciation song & dance by students’ parents

Arrival dance between guests and students

Unveiling of the project’s plaque with Vestas