Winds of Change foundation hands over two new classrooms to Kurkum Primary School

Winds of Change Foundation Chairman, Willem Dolleman, led the LTWP team in handing over two new classrooms to the staff and students of Kurkum Primary School, Laisamis.

Speaking at the handing over, Dolleman, one of the founders of LTWP, underscored the value of education to the Winds of Change Foundation. “Since its inception, the Winds of Change Foundation has been involved in many projects to improve the community’s access to water and healthcare services. However, access to education remains very close to our hearts,” Dolleman said.

Marsabit County Deputy County Commissioner Stephen Mavina encouraged parents to bring their children to school. “The best way we can show gratitude to LTWP and Winds of Change is by bringing our children to school to use the classrooms,” Mavina said.  

The classrooms at Kurkum Primary School are a result of WoC’s mission to improve the livelihoods of the residents around the wind farm, as was noted by Wellington Otieno, LTWP Chief Technical Officer. He went on to encourage the students to pursue their education. “You are the future leaders of this community and the great nation of Kenya. Be disciplined, stay focused on your studies and respect your teachers,” Wellington said.

Kargi/South Horr Member of County Assembly, Assunta Galgitele echoed Wellington’s remarks, reminding the pupils that their future depends on the effort they put in. “Your parents will provide what you need, but it is you who will sit in class learning,” she said.