Providing reliable, low-cost energy to Kenya

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The Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) Project

Comprised of 365 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 850KW, and a high voltage substation.

LTWP is connected to the Kenyan national grid through a 438km associated transmission line constructed by the Government of Kenya through the Kenya Transmission Company (KETRACO).

LTWP provides reliable, low-cost energy to Kenya’s national grid – approximately 17% of the country’s installed capacity, to be bought at a fixed price by The Kenya Power and Lighting Company PLC (Kenya Power) over a 20-year period in accordance with the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Who owns LTWP?

Six shareholders own LTWP, namely: Anergi Turkana Investments Limited, Milele Energy Ltd, CFP UK Holdings Limited and Sandpiper Ltd.

Our values

We believe that great success is built on strong relationships. We pride ourselves on our collaborative and inclusive approach to working with others, no matter who they are. Since inception, LTWP has worked with over 17 community groups in and around the wind farm site, 13 international financiers, 5 project construction partners, 7 equity investors, over 2500 employees, over 8 Government of Kenya departments and over 250,000 beneficiaries.

We believe that everyone has equal rights, no matter their background, gender, or race; and we employ a strong policy to ensure that every person is able to access the same opportunities as the next. Currently 96% of our permanent employees are from the LTWP site wind farm area and we use innovative recruitment processes to ensure people from the different communities have the same opportunities for employment.

We understand the importance of trust, dedication and being respectful of others. These values are integrated into everything we do. Not only do we respect the people we live and work with, but the land we occupy and the environment as well.

We use innovative technology to harness energy from Kenya’s wind and provide up to  310MW to the Kenyan national grid. As this energy is low cost, reliable and clean, it works to improve the country’s economic development and put Kenya on the international map with its national commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions. LTWP provides energy that powers over one million homes with 100% renewable energy – an excellent start to mitigating climate change.

We follow strict health and safety policies to ensure that all our employees and local community members are safe from harm. We are also environmentally safe. Our wind energy will significantly reduce Kenya’s carbon footprint by mitigating the same amount of greenhouse gases that 19 million tree seedlings would do over 10 years.

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