Felix Rottmann

ESG Manager and Winds of Change Director

Felix Rottmann has over ten years of experience as an expert in managing environmental and social (E&S) sustainability issues across projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He is experienced in developing, implementing, and monitoring E&S management systems (ESMSs); undertaking E&S due diligence; E&S impact assessments; stakeholder engagement planning and consultations; and resettlement and livelihood restoration planning. 

Mr. Rottmann has extensive knowledge of different institutions’ E&S safeguard standards, most notably the IFC Performance Standards on E&S Sustainability (IFC PSs).

He has been involved with LTWP since 2013 when he initially developed LTWP’s ESMS (compliant with the IFC PSs, LTWP’s thirteen lenders’ E&S safeguard standards and Kenyan E&S regulations).

He currently holds overall responsibility for implementing and reviewing LTWP’s E&S strategy and also the Director of LTWP’s Winds of Change.

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