Mohammed Sedenu

Non-Executive Director

Mohammed has over 25 years’ experience in the power industry, handling multi-million-dollar infrastructure investments across several regions. His industry expertise has seen him handle construction, commissioning, and early operations of a combined cycle power plant in the UK. During this period, he has worked with the AES corporation, helped to establish ONE International (on behalf of the Morocco utility – ONE) and led and supported the close of projects in Anergi’s (formerly Aldwich) development portfolio.

He is currently a Project Director at Anergi, where he is responsible for sourcing and developing of energy infrastructure opportunities in Africa, with a strong focus on supporting the close of projects and business development. He also serves as a board member of the operating companies, with a leaning towards asset management and optimization.

Mohammed has a Master’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Manchester University and an MBA from Imperial College. He is also a registered Chartered Engineer.

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