Jonathan Hall

Site Manager

Jonathan brings over 30 years of solid experience to his role as Site Manager at LTWP. His background includes managing large industrial projects in Southern Africa and Asia, demonstrating a consistent focus on improving safety, production, cost, and quality.

Jonathan’s professional journey includes managing industrial sites in Mongolia, Mozambique, South Africa, and Madagascar, where he served as the Site Manager at the EnerMech Ambatovy Plant, before joining the team at LTWP.

His skills in people management, safety, and stakeholder engagement have been essential in ensuring smooth operations at dynamic and complex project sites.

In his current role, Jonathan oversees operations at the Wind Farm, with a commitment to maintaining high safety and quality standards while ensuring effective delivery. He is also active in community engagement initiatives within the Laisamis Constituency, working towards fostering a positive relationship between LTWP and the local residents.

Jonathan’s approach to leadership reflects LTWP’s dedication to being a performance-focused organization, balancing the goals of operational excellence with community harmony and environmental responsibility.

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