Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) has a dedicated team of Community Liaison Officers (CLO) and Community Advisors (31 in total) distributed across Laisamis Constituency who implement LTWP’s stakeholder engagement strategy by engaging with stakeholders on a daily basis. 

LTWP records community engagement meetings, which cover a range of topics such as employment opportunities, notice of transportation convoys, health and safety impacts and implementation of community development projects through Winds of Change. 

Compared to the engagements during the construction phase, the engagements in the operations phase have focused more on 

  1. Peaceful coexistence, 
  2. Health and safety risks associated with an operational substation and electrified transmission line, and 
  3. Community development projects that are being implemented by Winds of Change.


LTWP’s grievance management process

Definition: A grievance is typically a complaint about something that you believe to be wrong or unfair. By submitting a grievance, you can express your concern or dissatisfaction if you believe that LTWP (or its contractors) has treated you (or anyone else) unfairly or unjustly.

Anyone who has a grievance to raise, whether individuals, groups or companies, can submit a grievance to LTWP directly.

Below you will find different channels through which you can submit grievances to LTWP. Different ways of submitting a grievance have been established because LTWP knows that different communities and people may prefer different channels for communicating.

The flowchart below depicts LTWP’s grievance mechanism.

Channels through which to submit your grievance include:

Download Grievance Form, complete and return this form in a sealed envelope to:

If you want to provide some feedback and/or raise a complaint (also known as a ‘grievance’), please contract LTWP using the contact details provided below

For further information, please contact LTWP via e-mail, post or telephone.

Telephone: +254 (0)20 221 3493
Postal address: Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd. P.O Box 2114-00502, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

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