Lake Turkana Wind Power implements an Emergency Food Relief Programme for 13,000 pupils across Laisamis Constituency


Over the past few months, Northern Kenya has experienced drought, making it difficult for the residents to get access to food and water. This has acutely affected primary school pupils who are unable to attend or concentrate in class owing to hunger and malnutrition. As a result, school attendance levels have dropped, with some children completely dropping out of school to help their families source food and water. This leads to a rise in health risks and stunted growth for the children, as well as reduced access to education, which is an important pillar to help improve the socioeconomic status of the community. As such, quick intervention was needed as the children resumed their last term of the academic year.

On 10 January 2022, LTWP, through the Winds of Change Foundation (WOC), launched a 2-month emergency food relief programme. The programme that aims to reach 13,000 primary school pupils spread across 60 schools will be implemented in Laisamis constituency.

This programme is critical for LTWP as a dedicated and collaborative employer. With 85% of LTWP employees coming from the Laisamis constituency, this issue directly affects them, their children, and the wider community. As such, LTWP, through the WOC foundation, decided to step in and help ease the pressure experienced by employees and the entire community.

This initiative has been launched in collaboration with the Marsabit County government, and the Ministry of Education which is keen on fostering more public-private partnerships that help meet the needs of the community.

By eating at least one meal daily, LTWP anticipates that the children will not only be encouraged to attend school but will also record better performance and nutrition levels.


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