Winds of Change (WoC): Overview & 2024 Projects

WoC is an NGO – voluntarily set up by LTWP – concentrated on implementing community development projects. Objectivity: WoC ensures equitable distribution of projects amongst communities within Laisamis Constituency and transparently communicates the same (e.g through bi-annual Open Days). Priority: Delivery of meaningful and quality projects. Today, the phrase ‘WoC Quality’ is used widely to […]

WoC Hands over 3 Infrastructural Projects in Laisamis Constituency in May 2024.

We are thrilled to announce the completion and handover of our latest infrastructural projects in Laisamis Constituency – Marsabit County. The two health facilities are set to improve access to quality healthcare for residents of Laisamis Constituency in Marsabit County and are intended to provide curative, promotional, and preventive health services to members of communities […]

WoC hands over 2 infrastructural projects in Laisamis Constituency in March 2024

In line with our commitment to enhancing access to education, we completed and handed over 2 (two) school infrastructural projects in March 2024. These projects included 2 classrooms and 1 administration block in two schools located in Laisamis Constituency, which is our area of operation. A description of the projects is highlighted below: 2 classrooms […]

LTWP participates in the 2023 Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

LTWP was proud to be a participating partner in the 2023 Lake Turkana Cultural Festival held in Marsabit, Kenya. The festival, which was initiated in 2008 by the local communities residing within Loiyangalani, brought 15 communities together, who got to showcase and celebrate their diverse and rich cultures over a 3 day period. Attracting local, […]

LTWP holds biannual community open day at the wind farm

To achieve sustainable development, we need to ensure that we create synergy between social, environmental and economic impact, all while ensuring that none of the 3 areas are compromised or negatively affected by the actions of one. To achieve this, we recognize the need for continuous and inclusive dialogue with key stakeholders affected by our […]

WoC completes 4 infrastructural projects in Laisamis Constituency in September 2023

In line with our commitment to enhancing access to education, health, and water, we completed and handed over 4 (four) infrastructural projects in September 2023. These projects included drilling of boreholes, construction of concrete tanks, installation of solar pumps and associated infrastructure and construction of a 10-bed capacity maternity ward and ablution block in various […]

LTWP marks 5 years of generation

Today marks 5 years since we began generating and supplying electricity to the Kenyan national grid. Our 365 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and high voltage substation continue to power our wind plant which has generated over 7.5 billion kWh to date. To effectively deliver on our mandate, we have adopted best practices in wind energy […]

LTWP upgrades 8KM of the Gatab-Mt Kulal road in Laisamis Constituency

As part of our Winds of Change led community development projects, we successfully upgraded 8KM of the 32KM Gatab- Mt Kulal road in Laisamis Constituency. The road, which provides a strategic connection to the town center will help the community readily access education, health and trade amenities in the town. In a ceremony attended by […]

LTWP sponsors the 25th Africa Energy Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya.

We were proud to have sponsored and participated in the 25th Africa Energy Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya, from the 20th to 23rd June 2023. Our CEO, Phylip Leferink participated in a plenary session focused on increasing the pace and scale of Africa’s renewable energy projects. During the session he highlighted how some countries in […]

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