LTWP celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

This year, LTWP joined the world in celebrating International Women’s Day by recognizing the women who choose to challenge the status quo by calling out gender bias and inequality, and providing additional tools for social, economic, cultural and political achievement.

Celebrations began on 5th March with a talk by HR Specialist, Lucy Woldu, who spoke to LTWP staff underscoring that empowering women is not about limiting men’s freedoms, but rather growing women’s capacity to contribute to society; after all, women make up nearly 50% of the population, and should be recognized and treated as vital to its success.

On Saturday 6th March, the women from LTWP’s Nairobi office were led through a walk and workshop at the Ngong Forest Sanctuary by Ingrid Kruiter, founder of and life coach at Open Hearth Coaching. The illuminating workshop was centered on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.

To crown it all, on 8th March, LTWP held a virtual celebration with two speakers. Response-Med’s on-site Medic Eunice Kerubo, delivered a health talk that illustrated the importance of healthy women to a healthy society. Nthenya Macharia, a celebrated Image Consultant and Etiquette Master then gave a powerful talk on Personal Branding.

The day’s highlight was a jig by the LTWP ladies at both Marsabit and Nairobi offices.