LTWP completes 6 infrastructural community projects in Q2 2022 under WoC’s education and water pillars

The 2021 education sector report done by the National Treasury listed disparities in access to education and training as a key challenge faced by the sector. To reduce this gap, the report recommended that adequate infrastructure be provided to support delivery of education outcomes, with public private partnerships highlighted as enablers.

Aligned to this and in accordance with the Winds of Change goal to enhance access to education, in Q2, 2022, LTWP completed and handed over 6 accommodation units, 1 staffroom, 3 administration blocks and 1 dining hall and kitchen to 5 schools. The schools, which are located in the project’s area of influence (Laisamis Constituency), had been facing challenges that affected the efficient delivery of teaching and administrative work.

Separately, access to clean water sources is key for proper sanitation especially in areas prone to low rainfall. With a lot of time spent looking for sources of water, having access to clean water not only helps in preventing diseases but also makes it easier for households to concentrate on income generating activities. In light of this, LTWP completed a 3km water piping system in Kargi and installed a water tank which will be instrumental in storing water for drier seasons.

The following is a brief description of each of these projects.

Illaut Primary School

The teachers at Illaut Primary School in South Horr cater to 150 pupils but only had access to 2 small rooms for administrative work. To assist with this, LTWP developed, and on 7th May 2022, handed over 6 accommodation units for the teachers as well as a staff room. This will enable them to carry out their duties effectively and better serve the pupils.

Anderi Primary School

Anderi Primary School in South Horr has registered rapid growth in pupil admission over the past few years. This has presented the need for additional infrastructure to support the day to day operations of the school. To support this, LTWP commissioned the development of an administration block and handed it over to the school on 30th April 2022.

Ngororoi Primary School

Ngororoi Primary School started with roughly 20 pupils, but the number has currently increased to 97 pupils. This expansion led to the current headteacher’s office changed to a classroom to facilitate learning. LTWP stepped in to develop a modern administration block with 4 fully equipped rooms with wardrobes for books and stationeries storage. This facility was handed over on 11th May 2022. Now, the teachers can attend to pupils and other school clients in a decent and spacious office, increasing their morale. 

Guraam Primary School

Previously, pupils at Guraam Primary School in Namarei lacked a kitchen and dining hall and would often eat under trees. To enhance the pupils’ sanitation and comfort, LTWP constructed and handed over a dining hall and kitchen in the school on 14th May 2022. The children now have a clean eating space and have recorded reduced cases of diseases associated with poor hygiene.

Ngurunit Primary School

Previously, Ngurunit Primary did not have a staff room, which made it difficult to handle administrative and operational duties. To fill this gap, LTWP constructed an administration block in the school, making it easier for the teachers to serve the pupils and other school clients in a decent and spacious offices. This has improved teachers’ morale and enhanced learning activities in the school. This facility was handed over on 14th May 2022

The handover ceremonies were attended by representatives of the LTWP team, County officials, parents, teachers and pupils of the respective schools. 

Kargi Water Tank and Pipeline Handover Ceremony

LTWP installed a 50,000 cubic litres water tank and a 3Km piping system at Kargi that will serve over 1,692 people in 2 villages surrounding the area. Residents now have access to clean water in close proximity. As a result, there is improved sanitation and the time that would be spent sourcing for water is now allocated to performing profitable economic activities. Increased access to clean water has also improved sanitation in the area.

The handover ceremony, which was held on 11th May 2022 was attended by representatives of the LTWP team, County officials and residents of the surrounding villages. 

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