LTWP completes 7 infrastructural projects in Laisamis Constituency during May 2023

LTWP, through WoC successfully completed and handed over 7 infrastructural projects in Laisamis Constituency, which is our area of operation.

Comprising of an administration block, a kitchen, accommodation facilities, classrooms, a water piping system and a water purification plant, these projects were handed over in May 2023 and speak to our commitment to enhance the community’s access to education, health, and water.

Below is a breakdown of the projects.

Kurungu Water Piping

While Kurungu has sufficient groundwater for domestic and livestock use, there was need for stable and efficient piping and storage infrastructure to enhance the distribution and access to water. To help the community meet its water demand and distribution needs, WoC constructed a 6.15KM pipeline connected to the County Government’s tank. Coupled with water points, pressure release tanks and intake tanks, this system will help distribute water to 2 villages.

Arge Primary Administration Block

Located in South Horr, Laisamis Constituency, Arge Primary is a mixed educational centre. Expected to keep recording increased enrollment, WoC constructed an administration block comprising of a Headteachers’ office, Deputy Headteachers’ office, staffroom and library room complete with cabinets. These facilities will help the school administration, as well as the pupils, conduct learning and administrative work in a conducive and enabling environment.

Loiyangalani Primary Girls’ Dormitory

Proving boarding opportunities for some pupils, Loiyangalani Primary was in need for additional accommodation facilities to meet the boarding space demand. To help meet this need, WoC developed a 96-bed dormitory fully furnished with bunkbeds, heavy duty mattresses, a solar system, and locker cabinets. This, in addition to a 20-door ablution block will improve the sleeping and sanitation conditions of the girls, helping them concentrate on their studies and carry out their activities in a conducive environment.

Titus Ngoyoni Primary Girls’ Dormitory

Boarding facilities in Titus Ngoyoni were highlighted as essential to getting more pupils to concentrate in schools as well as encourage more girls to pursue their primary school education. To this end, there was a need for a well-equipped dormitory. To help meet this need, WoC developed an 89-bed girls’ dormitory, fully furnished with bunkbeds, heavy duty mattresses, a solar system, and locker cabinets.   

Layeni Primary Classrooms

To meet the demand for proper learning facilities in Layeni Primary, WoC developed 2 classrooms, each with a capacity of 40 pupils. These classes will not only provide a conducive learning environment but will also help the school cope with upcoming enrollment needs. WoC will also furnish the classrooms and install a solar system to meet the school’s energy needs.

Sarima Primary Classroom and Water Purification Plant

To help meet learner needs for well-spaced classrooms at Sarima Primary, WoC constructed a 40-pupil capacity classroom. In addition, we installed a 1000ltrs PVC water tank to help the school store and meet water demands at the school.

Most of the subsurface water within Laisamis constituency has high salinity levels which makes the water unfit for human consumption. This calls for efficient purification systems.

To help meet this need, WoC installed a Reverse Osmosis Plant in Sarima village, which is within the windfarm. The plant purifies and distributes 500 litres of clean water per hour to the community, enhancing access to clean water.

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