LTWP holds biannual community open day at the wind farm

To achieve sustainable development, we need to ensure that we create synergy between social, environmental and economic impact, all while ensuring that none of the 3 areas are compromised or negatively affected by the actions of one.

To achieve this, we recognize the need for continuous and inclusive dialogue with key stakeholders affected by our operations, one of whom is the community.

To this end, we hold biannual open days during which the community and the LTWP leadership converse on emerging, urgent and completed initiatives within Laisamis Constituency. Coupled with a visit to the wind farm, both parties speak through completed projects, with members of the community getting a chance to table community needs. A needs assessment process which investigates and guides future project implementation, is thereafter completed and a final project list is confirmed.  

The open days, which involve dialogue, negotiation and reporting sessions, provide a solid monitoring and accountability framework for LTWP and align with our commitment to transparency and accountability to the community within which we operate in.

On 19th October 2023, we held our second open day in 2023 during which we highlighted a couple of community initiatives undertaken in the past 6 months, broke down our energy production levels and gave an update on our local employment ratios.

In addition, we presented the results of our continuous needs assessment and highlighted our 2024 focus areas which includes South-Horr, Civicon, Moite, Mpagas, Soito Nanyokuo, Lontolio and Serichoi areas. We affirmed that any infrastructural projects would go through a formal tendering process and that we would align the projects to our financial capability and approved budgetary allocations.

The community expressed gratitude to LTWP for continuous investment in the community across health, water and education initiatives and committed to providing on ground support to retain the current harmonious relationship between LTWP and the residents of Laisamis Constituency.

The open day was attended by 149 people some of whom were Government officials, namely:

  • ACC Loiyangalani, Loglogo, Laisamis, Korr.
  • OCPD, Loiyangalani.
  • Sub-County Admin, Laisamis.
  • Ward Admin Nyiro, Loiyangalani, Korr, Kargi, Laisamis.
  • DCIO, Loiyangalani.
  • Warden, Loiyangalani Sub-County.

LTWP leaves a large part of the wind farm unfenced for easy access and utilization by the community and has a dedicated team of Community Liaison Officers (CLO) and Community Advisors distributed across Laisamis Constituency for continuous community engagement.  

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