LTWP Observes World Environment Day 2022

On Sunday, June 5th, LTWP joined millions across the world to celebrate the biggest international day for the environment that has been held annually since 1973- World Environment Day.

This year’s theme, ‘’Only one earth’’, called for collective action towards transformative environmental change, championed by the fact that earth is the only planet that we can call home.

Among the key highlights of this year’s focus was nature and biodiversity loss, with research showing that restoring 15 per cent of converted lands, while stopping further conversion of natural ecosystems can prevent 60 per cent of expected species extinctions.

In line with this, LTWP planted 112 fruit trees of different varieties within the main campsite known as “the Village”. These trees will not only contribute to increased tree cover but will also provide sustenance through fruit production, all the while advancing ecological functions in the area.

150 participants attended the tree planting activity and affirmed LTWP’s commitment towards sustainability through activities that combat climate change and minimize negative environmental impact. The participants expressed hope and optimism for a greener and sustainable planet in the coming years, driven by individual and collective activities such as tree planting. 

Since inception, LTWP has marked World Environment Day through tree planting and ensured that the trees are tended to for healthy growth with minimal interference.

LTWP hopes that these trees benefit the community at large for years to come, even as we continue to champion and engage in activities that restore and preserve our planet. 

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