LTWP Open Day: Elders, women and youth community representatives visit the wind farm

LTWP organises open days at the wind farm with the purpose to have a dedicated platform on which to engage with the local communities, in addition to the ongoing dialogue that takes place through the Community Liaison Officers and Advisors (CLOs and CAs).

The attendees, most of whom are opinion leaders, committee members of various organisations and community representatives, are given an opportunity to visit all areas of the wind farm and to have their questions and concerns addressed, in addition to discussing various community requests.

On 14 July 2021, LTWP welcomed 105 elders, women and youth representatives from the 9 locations of Laisamis and Nyiro. Of these, 14 were chiefs and 7 national and county government officials.

To make the event possible, LTWP provided transportation to and from the wind farm site.


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