LTWP Open Day – Fostering Sustainable Development Through Community Collaboration

At LTWP, we firmly believe that sustainable development can only be achieved through the collaboration and involvement of the community. This belief drives our commitment to consistently engage the residents of Laisamis Constituency through our Open Days.

We are thrilled to share that our recent engagement was a resounding success, made possible by meticulous planning and strong management support. The event not only fostered trust but also showcased LTWP/WoC projects, educating the community about our green energy initiatives.

Key highlights of the event included insightful presentations by our dedicated LTWP team, led by our CEO Max Schiff. The positive feedback and welcome requests from the community reinforced the strong rapport we’ve built with the Laisamis Constituency over the years. Approximately 120 participants attended this event, reflecting the community’s keen interest and involvement.

One particularly impactful session was a detailed overview of our latest sustainability projects, demonstrating how our green energy solutions directly benefit the local community. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and provide input, ensuring that their voices were heard and their concerns addressed. This interactive dialogue is crucial for tailoring our initiatives to meet the specific needs and expectations of the residents.

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