LTWP partners with Mission to Heal for a health outreach programme in Laisamis Constituency

LTWP has partnered with Mission to Heal, a global non-profit medical missions’ agency that travels to remote parts of the world where medical help is under-resourced, providing healthcare to those in need and training local practitioners.

The team commenced their mission on 09 January 2023 in Gatab, where they spent two weeks carrying out general medical operations, performing dental extractions, bone repairs and pregnancy ultrasounds.

The team also carried out medical training camps and sessions which focused on ultrasound and dental extraction processes. Further, the Mission to Heal team did 3 lectures on various medical conditions that the local nurses handle frequently. These sessions equipped local healthcare specialists with knowledge and technical know-how that will go a long way in helping meet the medical needs of the community.

After Gatab, they proceeded to Loiyangalani and in this quarter are scheduled to visit other dispensaries and hospitals in Laisamis Constituency such as Kurungu, Kargi, Ngurunit among others.

LTWP, through WoC has, and continues to invest in enhancing access to good healthcare for the communities in which we operate in. This is demonstrated by our WoC healthcare projects carried out over the last 7 years, that have seen LTWP improve and advance healthcare in Laisamis constituency through upgraded facilities, targeted outreach programme partnerships as well as medical practitioner capacity building.

LTWP remains committed to enhancing access to health services by upgrading physical infrastructure and during operation of the windfarm, partnering with stakeholders to support targeted outreach programs. To read more on our health projects, click here

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