LTWP records first harvest from its grow houses at the Windfarm site and Anderi Primary School

LTWP prides itself in advancing social, economic, and environmental sustainability in our area of operation. In a bid to consistently adopt and encourage sustainable practices in the windfarm, LTWP, in partnership with Living Machines designed, and is currently managing a grow house at the windfarm live in site known as the village. This is in addition to a similar grow house implemented by LTWP and stationed in Anderi Primary School, which is within our area of operation.

Growing various vegetables and fruits, the grow houses have registered healthy production levels with the first harvest done in the first week of January 2023.

Producing food items such as kale, spinach, onions, cowpeas, dills, eggplants, tomatoes, French beans, green beans, celery, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, leeks, beetroot, zucchini, chilies, green peppers, pawpaw, lettuce, roe herbs, pigweed(terere) and lemongrass, the food harvest from the windfarm grow house is currently being used in food preparation at the windfarm where a substantial number of employees currently reside and for the boarding school pupils at Anderi Primary school.

The windfarm also has a fishpond that breeds tilapia niloticus, tilapia rendalli as well as yellow lily, ornamental papyrus and potmageon crops which are found in the fish tank.

As the country undergoes climate change, the need for sustainable crop production practices is key for food security and plant nutrition. With this in mind, our grow houses utilize sustainable energy, waste and production practices to ensure optimal and clean vegetable and fruit production. Supporting SDG 12 which calls for responsible production and consumption, our grow houses help to meet the societal need for nutritious plants coupled with efficient resource management.

Further, LTWP continues to implement various sustainable practices and activities at the windfarm including an annual tree planting initiative by employees.

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