LTWP sponsors the 25th Africa Energy Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya.

We were proud to have sponsored and participated in the 25th Africa Energy Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya, from the 20th to 23rd June 2023.

Our CEO, Phylip Leferink participated in a plenary session focused on increasing the pace and scale of Africa’s renewable energy projects.

During the session he highlighted how some countries in Africa have favorable wind speeds across vast amounts of land, presenting an opportunity for increased wind energy harnessing. He noted that while wind as a resource is readily available, the region has not fully utilized its capacity owing to infrastructural, regulatory and financing challenges.

To counter these, he advocated for increased adoption of wind energy technology, noting that it helps cut costs and promote efficiency in generating wind powered electricity. 

He also noted the importance of sustainable development for the surrounding area within which renewable energy projects are located, emphasizing the need to channel funds and opportunities to the people. When speaking about this, he highlighted how LTWP has supported infrastructure development and employment in Laisamis Constituency, which has built community support for the wind project.

Further, he called for more collaboration and partnership between the public and private sector, noting that conducive operational environment is critical for increased funding and interest for renewable energy projects in the region.

Highlighting some of LTWP’s energy production and community development milestones, Phylip affirmed the viability of renewable energy projects in the continent, indicating that these projects would continue to have long term positive impact, driven by the right partnerships, investments and policies.

LTWP sponsored the AEF Photo of the year competition which took place at the full-scale conference and exhibition. The winning photographs, which were spread across 4 categories, showcased the remarkable impact of these projects on the community, landscape, youth empowerment and sustainability.

LTWP continues to champion for the adoption and acceleration of clean energy in the region. Located in Marsabit County, Kenya, we are contributing to renewable energy utilization in Africa through sustainable and efficient wind energy production.

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