LTWP upgrades 8KM of the Gatab-Mt Kulal road in Laisamis Constituency

As part of our Winds of Change led community development projects, we successfully upgraded 8KM of the 32KM Gatab- Mt Kulal road in Laisamis Constituency. The road, which provides a strategic connection to the town center will help the community readily access education, health and trade amenities in the town.

In a ceremony attended by members of the community and county officials, our CEO handed over the road to the community and highlighted that LTWP had utilized construction material that can withstand harsh weather including periodic rainfall. He also affirmed LTWP’s commitment to continuously monitoring the road conditions to ensure long term road usability.

Key officials from Marsabit County Government attended the handover ceremony and expressed gratitude to LTWP for completing the upgrade. They acknowledged the role of public private partnership in driving socioeconomic growth and applauded LTWP for driving community development projects that enhance the living conditions of the community.

Some of the key leadership who were present include:

  • Marsabit Governor – Mohamud M. Ali
  • Deputy Majority Whip and Marsabit County Women Representative – Naomi Waqo
  • Laisamis MP – Joseph Lekuton

Gatab town is located within the project’s catchment area. The road upgrade project was executed under a cost sharing mechanism with the Marsabit County Government. The road is expected to improve transit time and will help with enhancing market access for the community. 

LTWP continues to enhance access to education, health and water, as well as support miscellaneous community development activities in Laisamis Constituency as a way of ensuring that the community benefits from the project. Since the project inception, we have undertaken several infrastructural development projects to improve the road access network including rehabilitation of the road connecting Loiyangalani to Laisamis.

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