LTWP wins The 2022 PRSK Social Investment Campaign of the Year Award

LTWP won the 2022 Social Investment Campaign of the Year Award at the recently held PRSK Awards in Nairobi, Kenya. This was in recognition of the 2 month Emergency Primary School Feeding Programme that was launched and implemented by LTWP in January 2022.

The award recognizes a campaign or project designed around corporate social investment policy on community involvement, social, ethical and reputation issues.

The Primary School Feeding Programme saw 13,000 primary school pupils receive at least one meal per day during the last term of the 2021 school year and was initiated amidst a prolonged drought situation that had strained learning due to food scarcity in primary schools across Laisamis constituency.

The need for social investment

Social needs such as education, health and water are core to a society’s overall wellbeing and sustainability. To improve likelihood of continuous and sustained socio economic development, social investment is a necessary tool.

By investing in structures, systems or activities that improve access to developmental accelerators such as education, members of the community are better equipped to earn decent income, lead healthy households and expand their skills, which are instrumental in societal growth and development.

In Laisamis, the prolonged drought had caused food insecurity and reduced household income, leading to shortage of food in schools. The dire situation had seen a substantial number of pupils drop out of school to help their families source for water and food, leading to learning disruptions. Education in Kenya remains a key tool for individual growth as it equips pupils with developmental skills and subsequently increases one’s chances of earning decent income. As such, learning disruptions are an impediment to individual and communal socioeconomic growth in the long term.

The Primary School Feeding Programme helped to alleviate the strain experienced by pupils in Laisamis Constituency and consequently helped increase access to education for 13,000 pupils. With education being a key enabler of socioeconomic growth, LTWP’s social investment demonstrated tangible societal impact.

LTWP’s Commitment

LTWP recognizes the need for private sector participation in sustainable development and remains committed towards supporting and empowering local communities across Laisamis Constituency. LTWP launched the second phase of the programme in November 2022. The two-month Emergency Food Relief Programme will benefit 17,700 primary school pupils across Laisamis Constituency by providing them with a meal per day for the remaining part of the 2022 school year and beginning of 2023 school year.

About PRSK:

The Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) is the umbrella body for all Public Relations and Communication practitioners in Kenya with an overriding purpose to promote excellence performance in the practice. PRSK was established in 1971 and is registered under the Society’s Act and governed by a Constitution. It is the only professional body for Public Relations and Communication practitioners in Kenya.

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