Mission to Heal completes its 2023 health outreach programme in Kenya in partnership with LTWP

In partnership with LTWP, Mission to Heal has concluded its 2023 health outreach programme in Kenya.

This follows a 4-month mission that saw a number of healthcare professionals from the team treat and train residents in remote areas on various medical conditions, including dental extractions, bone repairs, pregnancy ultrasounds and lipoma removals. During their Kenya mission, they visited dispensaries and hospitals in Gatab, Loiyangalani, Kurungu, Buri-Aramia and Kargi, all within Laisamis Constituency. During this time, LTWP supported the outreach team with logistics and community liaison.

LTWP and Healthcare
LTWP, through WoC has, and continues to invest in enhancing access to good healthcare for the communities in which we operate in. This is demonstrated by our WoC healthcare projects carried out over the last 7 years, that have seen LTWP improve and advance healthcare in Laisamis constituency through upgraded facilities, targeted outreach programme partnerships as well as medical practitioner capacity building.

We remain committed to enhancing access to health services for the community and are pleased to partner with credible stakeholders who are aligned to our core values. By equipping local healthcare professionals with the right tools and knowledge, we believe that the community is better placed to record improved health services and treatment in both the short and long term.

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About Mission to Heal:

Mission to Heal is a global, non-profit, medical missions’ agency that travels to remote parts of the world where medical help is under-resourced, providing healthcare to those in need and training local practitioners.

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