WoC completes 4 infrastructural projects in Laisamis Constituency in September 2023

In line with our commitment to enhancing access to education, health, and water, we completed and handed over 4 (four) infrastructural projects in September 2023. These projects included drilling of boreholes, construction of concrete tanks, installation of solar pumps and associated infrastructure and construction of a 10-bed capacity maternity ward and ablution block in various areas across Laisamis Constituency, which is our area of operation.

A description of the projects is highlighted below:

Solar Pump Borehole at Manyatta Ntiliya

Manyatta Ntiliya sits 5KMs away from Laisamis town and is a purely pastoralist community in Silapani sub-location.

Challenged by strained access to clean water, the community identified the urgent need for accessible and functional water infrastructure. To meet this need, WoC drilled a borehole, provided tanks and installed a solar pump and other associated infrastructure to make water distribution in the area easier and less costly.

This infrastructure will serve more than 500 households spread across 4 villages and will go a long way in easing the community’s water insecurity which at times forces them to travel long distances in search of water.

Solar Pump Borehole at Moite Village

Located 110KMs from Loiyangalani, Moite village consists of 6 villages that adds up a total population of 1223 households. The area has been undergoing a water crisis with limited access to water for households as well as livestock. This inadvertently leads to low sanitation levels which can result into diseases.

To provide relief, WoC drilled a borehole, constructed a concrete tank and installed a solar pump and other associated infrastructure to ensure sustained access to clean water. The tank will help the community store water while the solar pump will help households access water in a cost-effective manner.

Maternity Ward in Olturot Dispensary

Located 70KMs from the wind farm Olturot Dispensary was built in 2006 through the National Government Constituency Development Fund. Operational since 2012, the dispensary serves an average of 1,200 people per month.

While the facility has two nurses, one community health officer, one nutritional officer, one cleaner, one security guard and 20 community health volunteers, there remained a need for a maternal ward to deal with consultative and escalation issues.

To help meet this need, WoC constructed a 10-bed capacity maternity ward and an ablution block and installed a solar system to ensure seamless flow of medical services. The maternity ward is expected to improve expectant mothers’ access to quality and immediate maternal healthcare services.

Modern Kitchen at El-Molo Bay Primary School

El-Molo Bay Primary is located close to the shores of Lake Turkana and has a population of 163 pupils, with a boarding wing for both boys and girls, which calls for access to efficient infrastructure that promotes healthy living and learning conditions.

During one incident where the Lake increased in size, the old school kitchen was submerged, destroying the school’s ability to provide meals to the pupils. This was especially detrimental to the boarding school pupils.

To help ease this problem, WoC built a modern kitchen at the school equipped with kitchen hoods, a servery, wash up areas and fire extinguishers, easing the negative ramifications on the school’s infrastructure.

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