WoC hands over 2 infrastructural projects in Laisamis Constituency in March 2024

In line with our commitment to enhancing access to education, we completed and handed over 2 (two) school infrastructural projects in March 2024. These projects included 2 classrooms and 1 administration block in two schools located in Laisamis Constituency, which is our area of operation.

A description of the projects is highlighted below:

2 classrooms at Korr Mixed Day Secondary School

In the past few years, education has become a core focus area for the Government and residents of Laisamis Constituency. As a result, accessible learning institutions such as Korr Mixed Day Secondary School have attracted many learners, all of whom are seeking quality education. This increase in learners, while positive, has put a strain on the institution’s infrastructure, which includes the availability of good and spacious classrooms.

To help ease this burden, WoC constructed 2 classrooms at Korr Mixed Day Secondary School that are well designed to create a conducive learning environment. With the additional classrooms, the school is better equipped to handle student capacity, safety and learning retention, which consequently improves the area’s access to education.  

The classrooms can comfortably hold 40 number of students each.

1 Administration Block at Kargi Primary School

Access to a conducive working environment is essential for teacher efficiency and optimization of work delivery. Administration blocks serve this purpose and are therefore critical for learning institutions, independent of size.

To support Kargi Primary’s operational efficiency, WoC constructed an administration block that includes a spacious and well equipped staffroom for the teachers.

This block makes it easier for members of staff to conduct their administrative duties, which translates to higher productivity and better school management, all of which improve access to quality education and a decent work.  

The Administration block has 4 rooms (a staff room, the headteacher’s office, the deputy’s office and 1 shared room).

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