WoC partners with Health Yetu Foundation and Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital for a medical outreach project in South Horr and Anderi

Winds of Change (WoC) is proud to partner with Health Yetu Foundation and Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital to roll out a medical outreach program that will see South Horr and Anderi residents receive eye, dental, gynecology and general health services. The program will be implemented through medical camps, the first being in South Horr and Anderi and will run from 11 – 16 February 2024.

Health Yetu Foundation in partnership with Lions Sight First Hospital will provide a team of eye nurses, medical officers and ophthalmologists, while WoC will provide logistical and community relations’ support as well as fund 50% of the medical camp.

Below is a breakdown of the medical services that will be offered:

  1. Eye Camp: Screening for eye diseases and treatment, including cataract operations.
  2. Dental Camp: Dental consultations and extractions.
  3. Gynecology/General Health Camp: GP care, including treatment of infections and wound care.

The program will be implemented under the WoC health pillar which is aimed at improving access to healthcare by upgrading facilities and partnering with stakeholders to provide targeted outreach programmes. Further, this program is aligned to SDG 3 which advocates for equitable access to essential health services.

About Health Yetu Foundation

The Health Yetu Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to international healthcare, with a special focus on healthcare in Africa. Comprising experienced doctors and driven young professionals, they are united by a single mission: to bridge the healthcare gap in underserved communities. They organize Eye Camps, Gynecology Camps, and Medical Camps.

About Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital

Established in 1997, the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital (LSEH)stands as a beacon of hope and health in Africa, with a primary mission to promote eye health and offer comprehensive eye education to all, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. Beyond clinical excellence, their broader goal encompasses eye education initiatives, rehabilitation, sight enhancement services, and a robust rural community outreach program ensuring quality eye care reaches even the most remote corners of the continent.

About WoC

WoC is an NGO that was set up by Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd. (LTWP) in June 2015. Its purpose is to be a catalyst for sustainable development across Laisamis Constituency (Marsabit County, Kenya), primarily by implementing community development projects that improve and enhance access to health, education, and water. As of December 2023, WoC has implemented and funded +90 projects across the region at a cost of ~Euro 5M.

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