World Environment Day 2020

LTWP observes World Environmental Day – the international day dedicated to creating and advocating worldwide awareness and action for protection of the environment. The day is commemorated annually on the 5th of June. The 2020 theme for the World Environmental Day is “Biodiversity” which focuses on the importance of the harmonious interaction between different species of both plant and animal nature. With recent natural disasters and calamities the world over and the COVID-19 pandemic that has wrecked through the world, there is need to understand and appreciate diversity and its role in creating a healthy environment where both plants and animals can survive and thrive.  This year and in line with our LTWP tradition, we held a tree planting exercise at the main campsite “the Village” and satellite campsites at the Wind Farm in Laisamis Constituency, Marsabit County. We planted a total of 160 seedlings of different species including guava seedlings, lemon tree seedlings and mango seedlings. These will be tended to and in future, we will enjoy fruits from trees we have planted and cared for ourselves.